Tolerance Break Tips: Why and When You Need It and How to Do It Best

Your frst experience with Mary Jane was probably pleasantly surprising, and the smooth, euphoric, therapeutic e”ects are what keep so many going back for more. After a while, though, the euphoric e”ects of cannabis can start to fade. For some, especially those who use cannabis frequently, the blissful high may eventually dull down. For everyday […]

What Does Research Say About Cannabis for PTSD?

Since nearly the beginning of history, cannabis has been revered for its powerful health benefits. As technology has advanced, we’ve been able to identify some pretty specific ways, via the Endocannabinoid System, that cannabinoids interact with the body. With new medical cannabis legislation popping up all over, the number of qualifying conditions is constantly expanding, […]

Opioids, Blood Thinners, and Other Drugs that May Interact with Cannabis

Like all medications, medical marijuana should be used with care. Like all chemicals, THC, CBD, and all the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant have the potential to react with other chemicals. For this reason, and the many healthful effects cannabis may have on your body, cannabis products may interact with some medications. […]

Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking Bud: Effects, Therapeutic Value, and Risks

People have been smoking for quite some time. In fact, cannabis is recorded for its therapeutic value in ancient texts across many cultures, including as an ancient Indian, Chinese, and Nordic medicine. Over time, though, many of the things about  cannabis have changed. For instance, strains are now being cultivated for their therapeutic value. Now, […]

Is Weed Getting Stronger? The History of Cannabis Breeding and Potency

Everyone’s heard the develish claims that weed’s getting stronger “every two weeks” or shared a joint with an old-timer who’s motto is “two hits and quit.” Although the claims may just seem like small-talk, the potency of cannabis has actually increased significantly over time, resulting in the many different high-THC  strains that are popular among […]

Coronavirus Claims Charlotte Figi, Namesake Of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

Coronavirus Claims Charlotte Figi, Namesake Of Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain Charlotte Figi, the little girl who inspired millions of people around the world as she and her family launched a movement that led to sweeping changes in marijuana laws and was the inspiration for the strain Charlotte’s Web has died due to complications related to […]

How to Make Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil

Marijuana can be used in a wide variety of ways and, while some users simply prefer to smoke it or vape it, you might want to try making some marijuana-infused products yourself. Marijuana can be infused into all kinds of products from foods to creams, and one of the best ways to do so is […]

Types of Weed: Dank, Top-Shelf, Mid-Grade, Bad Reggie Weed Overview

Long gone are the days where marijuana users would have to settle for whatever their dealer gave them. Now, buying weed is legal throughout Canada and it’s easier than ever to find high-quality buds at excellent prices. What’s more, there are many types of weed available to choose from. When you buy weed online or […]

Can Cannabis Help With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

While many users use cannabis simply for its enjoyably euphoric qualities, it’s also a unique therapeutic aid for a variety of conditions and medical symptoms. Cannabis is now often used in the treatment of chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and various other physical and mental ailments. But can cannabis help with chronic fatigue syndrome? Chronic […]